Lucky me. I had night terror tonight. Haven't had one for a few months though. Guess I was due.

Lying bare and reasonably comfy
My eyelids felt heavy and closed
My brain shut down and the show began
Pictures of all I fear
Horrific things only my mind could conjure up
A crumbling mouth exhales
Hot breath on my cheek
A foul stench and taste of rot
A loose lipped reflection
Empty gums spattered with blood
The stumps that never grow back

Raw emotions, vanquished hope,
sore muscles, slippery slope.
Shallow breath inducing sweat,
freezing cold, completely wet.
Fear fuels desperate crawl,
twisted spine, contorted ball.
Cursing dark, pitiful cry,
crawling skin, desperate try.
Faintest light, hypnotic pull,
tears gathering, eyes overfull.
Slithering serpents haunt sleep,
fangs injecting poison deep.

Imprisoned by my own fears
It saw right into my brain
Frozen in time
Left to chunder and choke
My mind screams
Trapped in the horrors of sleep

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